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Мутафория Лили Сюргазм Мертвой Медузы

[ ns69 / mp3 ]

"Konopeltistic-surFiction Fobscene-Cinemagard neoabsurdus abuse-Hipnotic fanatical-fevercolour". This is how the artist writes about his work. Mutaforiya Lili is the most odd release on Nexsound to date.


Andrey Kiritchenko Chrysalis

[ ns68 / 12" / DL ]

A new album of Andrey Kiritchenko: minimalist repetetive melodies, transition of acoustic instruments to electronic sound and backwards.


Galun & Ilia Belorukov Somnolence

[ ns65 / mp3 ]

Sergey Galunenko - beatbox, voice, electronics Ilia Belorukov - alto saxophone, laptop


Alla Zagaykevych and Electroacoustic’s Ensemble Nord/Ouest

[ ns67 / CD ]

Structural idea of the piece is based on creating an original heterophonic ensemble, combining electronic and instrumental means with folklore material.

Riasni Drova Consort

Riasni Drova Consort Numberless Occupations Left Me Little Leisure

[ ns64 / mp3 ]

Riasni Drova Consort is a free-improv experimental three-piece band from Lviv, Ukraine

v4w.enko and sanmi - Y.e.t. / CDr limited edition

v4w.enko and sanmi Yet

[ ns66 / CDr/DD ]

Real time generated textures was mounted into the high tuned structure of multilayered form which is alloved to bring spontanious events into a new level of the synergy of the live forms and some constant rules.


Andrey Kiritchenko & Andrey Bogatyryev Uncap Cocoons

[ ns62 / TOT 005 / 3"CDr ]

Self-made acoustic instruments, analogue electronics and drums


Roman Slavka After Long Time of Mute

[ ns61 / mp3 ]

Immersive ambient-techno record from Ukrainian artist.


OJRA & Kiritchenko A Tangle of Mokosha

[ nsp05 / CD ]

Collaborative work of Ukrainian neo-folk band OJRA and Andrey Kiritchenko.


Nikolaienko Loops & Cuts Soup

[ ns63 / mp3 ]

Analogue sound collages and acoustic rhythms made in Ukraine.


Bluermutt Decivilize after consumption

[ nsp04 / CD ]

Crazy pop experiments from Barcelona.


Saralunden.Björkås.Mjös Dubious

[ nsp01 / CDep ]

cardboard slipcase
A collaboration of indie-pop musicians SaraLunden and Kyrre Björkås (of Det är jag som är döden) and electronic producer Andreas Mjös (of Jaga Jazzist)


Nole Plastique Escaperhead

[ nsp03 / CD ]

recycled cardboard Nole Plastique is an electroacoustic project from Kazan' / Russia. "...Escaperhead is a collection of strange songs and tunes with the flavour of 60-ies psychedelia, acid trips,lo-fi electronics, experimental sound design, improv-rock and other "sounds of the outer space" stuff in it."


Critikal Graphorrhea

[ ns60/kvitnu 4/zero008 / CD ]

cardboard slipcase Tense, dynamic, unpredictable, almost cutthroat mood. A massive sonic (de)construction. Conducted by Kotra. Co-release of Nexsound, Kvitnu and Zeromoon


Saralunden & Andrey Kiritchenko There was no end

[ nsp02 / CDep ]

cardboard slipcase
An "indietronica" collaboration of SaraLunden and Andrey Kiritchenko.


PERLONEX/Charlemagne Palestine/Keith Rowe Tensions

[ ns54 / 2CD ]

cardboard slipcase The interplay and friction of gradually shifting layers of sound, sonic interferences, interwoven loops and hidden repetitive structures...


Andrey Kiritchenko Stuffed with/out

[ ns51 / CD ]

recycled cardboard slipcase minimalist guitar melodies, mellow drones and digital processing in every track of a little story about stuffed animals.


the Moglass Sparrow Juice

[ ns45 / CD ]

digipack A new mellow record of ukrainian improv trio

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