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Saralunden & Andrey Kiritchenko There was no end

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In May 2006 the Swedish Institute invited 4 Nexsound artists to collaborate with 4 Swedish musicians in frame of cultural exchange between Sweden and Ukraine. The collaboration started in autumn 2006 in Stockholm and continued with a tour through largest Ukrainian cities in spring 2007. As a participant of this challenge Andrey Kiritchenko was lucky enough to work with a musician Saralunden whose songs with vocals sometimes called “lo-fi-pop” music. Since Andrey was a singer-song-writer himself, he was very interested in revising his vision for the kind of music.
A result that the listener can hear in this record is a mixture of the versatile electronic music and pop love songs, schlager and “lowercase-techno”, chanson and microsound. The record could be a good soundtrack for a movie by David Lynch.

Sara Lunden (performing name Saralunden) (born March 30th 1970 in Gothenburg, Sweden) is a singer, musician and performance artist. She started out making music and performances around 1997 during her art studies at Royal College University of Fine Arts Stockholm where she received a MFA. Since the late 90s she’s been developing her own personal musical style mixing influences from disco, schlager, chanson, electronica and minimal wave. Her live performances often involves theatrical costumes and live musicians i.e. “Deadly Boring” where a men’s choir, adds a background for her vocals.

Andrey Kiritchenko is a person known among Ukrainian experimental music fans as a founder and runner of Nexsound records, musician who has largely contributed into the development of electronic music scene in Ukraine and already considered as one of the premiere experimental artist from Eastern Europe, author of different projects. Being involved mostly in experimental electronic and electroacoustic music for the last few years, Andrey is now gaining recognition among the musicians and followers of this style all over the world. His activities range from glitch with blurred beats to electroacoustis experiments, from improv to musique concrete, from drones to microsound.

With two new releases Nexsound opens a new series of CDs – NEXSOUND PQP (pickup) which is dedicated to more accessible music than Nexsound usually has a passion to release.

Track list:

  1. Come With Me
  2.  Oh So Blue
  3.  Don’t You Remember
  4. Take Your Chance When You Have It
  5.  Erotic Dreams
  6. Tonight

All songs written by Sara Lunden

Sara Lunden: vocals, synthesizer, guitar, recorder
Andrey Kiritchenko: objects, drums, field recordings, programming, electronics, editing

2007 Nexsound