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v4w.enko and sanmi Yet

[ ns66 / CDr/DD ]

Y:E:T is the next point of researches in generative sounds with a sensual approach to compose generated lines in the complete collages. Kyo Yanagi is based in Japan sound artist which is working under the name SANMI brought a sensual form with high tuned layers to the generated lines of sound structures from the Ukraine based project V4W.ENKO. Real time generated textures was mounted into the high tuned structure of multilayered form which is alloved to bring spontanious events into a new level of the synergy of the live forms and some constant rules.

Special thanks to SHOMOMOSE.

1. K4-j6 toT7 (07:08)
2. Ummd_line6 (03:22)
3. R-d4 (04:52)
4. Bvc2c (04:09)
5. Nod5 (05:48)
6. T_mx2 (03:28)
7. Lcgf (06:43)

Total: 35:31


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