Nexsound – experimental, ambient, noise, improv record label


Francisco López / Andrey Kiritchenko Mavje

[ ns10 / CD ]

recycled cardboard Spanish 'absolute concrete music' artist Francisco López known for his releases, performances and installations world-wide joined together with Ukrainian cross-genre experimental sound artist Andrey Kiritchenko on this CD. Lopez decomposed and reworked field and furnishings recordings made and processed by Kiritchenko in his living space.

Alla Zagaykevych Motus

[ ns38 / CD ]

digipack The album of Ukrainian composer Alla Zagaykevych is based on the concepts of individualized algorithmic composition, whereas sounds synthesis and processing of instrumental sound in real time are the main features of her electroacoustic music.

V/A In memoriam Nesterov

[ ns59 / mp3 ]

This release is an extract from contemporary jazz and experimental music marathon by many legendary Ukrainian and Russian musicians dedicated to memory of Ukrainian improviser Oleksandr Nestrerov (1954 - 2005) curate by Alla Zagaykevych.

V/A Vibrating Portraits

[ ns58 / mp3 ]

A project by Skyapnea / Nexsound - compilation of contemporal quiet and soft electronic music.

First8 In tune

[ ns57 / mp3 ]

First 8 is a young electronic musician living in Ukraine / Kharkiv. He uses electric guitar, amp, piano, field recording & digital processing in this debut album to create a tense and slow acoustic sound, treated by means of computer.

Bluermutt When I'm Not

[ ns55 / mp3 ]

Bluermutt does acoustic sources treatment, real-time melodic collages and domestic groovy composition for everyday life. We are sure this release will be one of your ipod's favorite.

Gultskra Artikler moreprodukt

[ ns43 / mp3 ]

When it comes to describing the music of GA people usually tend to use such phrases, as ethnic electro- avant-guard, folklore improvisation, radical Siberian avant-guard, Siberian cutup neofolk...

Nilan Perera Harmless love

[ ns35 / mp3 ]

Improv guitarist from Canada plays immersive drones and atmospheric attenuation of sonic impulses. Quiet music.

Kidsok Nuit say goodbye

[ ns41 / mp3 ]

Italian musician Giuseppe Mileti produces music under the names Kidsok Nuit and Phobode. The Kidsok Nuit sound is a solid mix of microsound, glitch, ambient, and sound collage.

v/a Fabelbuch

[ ns40 / mp3 ]

remixes (by F.Bretschneider, M.Stavostrand, Mokira, Goem, Dalezy, Kotra) of Kniga Skazok album by Andrey Kiritchenko released on Ad Noiseam.
"On the foundation of a modern and abstract genre, Andrey Kiritchenko paints beautiful and naive stories perfectly fitting his clicks and tones. An album to be listened to with your eyes closed, a bedtime story for your ears."

Tirriddiliu Conglomerato auto-deviante di strumenti e suonatori

[ ns34 / mp3 ]

"Conglomerato auto-deviante di strumenti e suonatori" is the absolute "vice versa" of Tirriddiliu's previous album on Nexsound released last year. Gloomy electroacoustic landscapes in the desert of quicksands-like sound. For the fans of dark ambient.

Process #1

[ ns33 / mp3 ]

Process is polymorphic (they always play in different staff) improvisation band from Krakow / Poland. This time they are: Holubowski on accordion, Nazarewicz on flute, Drewniany on electronics, Mazur(core member) on bass guitar.