Nexsound – experimental, ambient, noise, improv record label


v4w.enko and sanmi Yet

[ ns66 / CDr/DD ]

Real time generated textures was mounted into the high tuned structure of multilayered form which is alloved to bring spontanious events into a new level of the synergy of the live forms and some constant rules.

V/A In memoriam Nesterov

[ ns59 / mp3 ]

This release is an extract from contemporary jazz and experimental music marathon by many legendary Ukrainian and Russian musicians dedicated to memory of Ukrainian improviser Oleksandr Nestrerov (1954 - 2005) curate by Alla Zagaykevych.

V/A Vibrating Portraits

[ ns58 / mp3 ]

A project by Skyapnea / Nexsound - compilation of contemporal quiet and soft electronic music.

First8 In tune

[ ns57 / mp3 ]

First 8 is a young electronic musician living in Ukraine / Kharkiv. He uses electric guitar, amp, piano, field recording & digital processing in this debut album to create a tense and slow acoustic sound, treated by means of computer.

Bluermutt When I'm Not

[ ns55 / mp3 ]

Bluermutt does acoustic sources treatment, real-time melodic collages and domestic groovy composition for everyday life. We are sure this release will be one of your ipod's favorite.

Gultskra Artikler moreprodukt

[ ns43 / mp3 ]

When it comes to describing the music of GA people usually tend to use such phrases, as ethnic electro- avant-guard, folklore improvisation, radical Siberian avant-guard, Siberian cutup neofolk...

Nilan Perera Harmless love

[ ns35 / mp3 ]

Improv guitarist from Canada plays immersive drones and atmospheric attenuation of sonic impulses. Quiet music.

Kidsok Nuit say goodbye

[ ns41 / mp3 ]

Italian musician Giuseppe Mileti produces music under the names Kidsok Nuit and Phobode. The Kidsok Nuit sound is a solid mix of microsound, glitch, ambient, and sound collage.