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v/a Fabelbuch

[ ns40 / mp3 ]

remixes (by F.Bretschneider, M.Stavostrand, Mokira, Goem, Dalezy, Kotra) of Kniga Skazok album by Andrey Kiritchenko released on Ad Noiseam.
"On the foundation of a modern and abstract genre, Andrey Kiritchenko paints beautiful and naive stories perfectly fitting his clicks and tones. An album to be listened to with your eyes closed, a bedtime story for your ears."


Tirriddiliu Conglomerato auto-deviante di strumenti e suonatori

[ ns34 / mp3 ]

"Conglomerato auto-deviante di strumenti e suonatori" is the absolute "vice versa" of Tirriddiliu's previous album on Nexsound released last year. Gloomy electroacoustic landscapes in the desert of quicksands-like sound. For the fans of dark ambient.


Process #1

[ ns33 / mp3 ]

Process is polymorphic (they always play in different staff) improvisation band from Krakow / Poland. This time they are: Holubowski on accordion, Nazarewicz on flute, Drewniany on electronics, Mazur(core member) on bass guitar.


Critikal State

[ ns36 / mp3 ]

Jeff Surak, Andrey Kiritchenko, Jonas Lindgren. A mixture of drones, musique concrete like textures with elements of acoustic improvisation. Instruments used in this album include guitar, contact mics, prepared record player, hurdy-gurdy, autoharp, child toys, mouth harmonica, computer, etc. Released online on Zeromoon records (zero054) as well.


Arturas Bumsteinas Retorta ver.1

[ ns32 / mp3 ]

Bumsteinas is a musician from Vilnius / Lithuania sometimes also working in interdisciplinary art duo G-LAB as video artist and performer. Retorta is a state of limpness and placidity, but it's not always a soul serenity.


Violet Electrolux

[ ns31 / mp3 ]

Landscape-tract drone survey of environmental rustling noise, hush and whispering overtones by Jeffrey Surak from USA.


Kotra Acute

[ ns27a / mp3 business-card CDr ]

Groovy addition to Kotra's Dissilient.


Oloolo + Derek Holzer Kosta

[ ns22 / mp3 ]

Album "Kosta" is a product of international collaboration between Oloolo from Latvia and producer / sound designer Derek Holzer from Holland. This improvisational record was created in "Karosta" center of culture in Liepaja / Latvia on January 4, 2003.


Kotra Live Sessions

[ ns23 / mp3 ]

these files are exerpts from live sets performed by kotra in 2003 on clubtransmediale festival in berlin, garage festival in stralsund and miscellaneous parties in kyiv/ukraine.


v/a Micro_Motion

[ ns16 / mp3 ]

Microsound related music scene of Belorussia: h.h.t.p., I/DEX, -ED. flash version html version


v/a Polyvox Populi 2

[ ns14 / mp3 ]

EU, Klutch, Tenzor, Novel 23, Ambidextrous, Kotra, Moglass, A.Kiritchenko, Alphonse de Montfroyd, h.h.t.p., Peel Off The Bass and others.


IRA Black Body

[ ns15 / mp3 ]

Subtle melodies, suspicious calmness and slow moving ahead... This debut release from ukrainian project Infra Red Army combines real instruments, computer processing, hop rhythms and fm-synthesis. Easy-listening this time. Enjoy.


ok_01 where i've been, what i've seen

[ ns13 / mp3 ]

Ok_01 - Oleg Kovalchuk who is a member of the Moglass band, responsible for their synths and self-made effect boxes actually does the music under this moniker since 1998. Using hometaping techniques, his custom and unique sounding effect boxes, soviet drum machine with altered DAC and sometimes playing guitar and synths himself in two hands he creates very warm and touchy lo-fi music about his life.

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