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Lunt an half of you

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Lunt gained the reputation for being a sound sculptor, wrapped up in his autistic sound researches, testing the sound material to its ultimate limit, also knowing how to sublimate the sadness in his most narrative compositions. After a first album mixing folk/rock songs and ambient/noisy experimentations, Lunt aka Gilles DELES has multiplied musical investigations. Sometimes producer for Melatonine(available at Unique records) or for Angil’s future album, Lunt recently tried his skill at playing electro-organic music in the split album together with his old friend Virga. But improvisation remains the field where he is the most prolific. “an half of you” is part of this search for new languages, created in urgency, on the spur of the moment. In the same style, the «Broken Words and Lost Answers» album will inaugurate the founding of Hitomi Recordings, an experimental subdivision from Unique Records.

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  1. some marble gestation
  2. crystal mouth
  3. it was sweet before you left (part1)
  4. randomize your feelings
  5. lydia
  6. crystal shout
  7. new defeats in posterity
  8. it was sweet before you left (part2)