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ok_01 where i've been, what i've seen

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Ok_01 – Oleg Kovalchuk who is a member of the Moglass band, responsible for their synths and self-made effect boxes actually does the music under this moniker since 1998. Using hometaping techniques, his custom and unique sounding effect boxes, soviet drum machine with altered DAC and sometimes playing guitar and synths himself in two hands he creates very worm and touchy lo-fi music about his life. The ep greets us with a shortwave melody, a pleasant wake up call filtering in through the static. The morning sun peaks through and bird songs tweet over a dusty out of tune guitar with added analog electronic wonderment, reaching an almost Faust-Tapes like quality. The third track
finds us outside speeding down icy slopes, a ski version of Autobahn with glitch rhythms and flashing pulses of a metropolitan landscape. Mass transit for the mind. The fourth track is a dead ringer for the old Insane Music group Pseudo Code with the over flanged guitar and analog drum machine-a wonderful composition. The ep ends in a similiar spirit, music from a different era in a different place.

  1. – – –
  2. SunStrike
  3. Downhill
  4. Tiny Piece
  5. Trace