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Gultskra Artikler moreprodukt

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Gultskra Artikler is Alexey Devyanin from Novosibirsk \ Russia. He was released on labels such as Autoplate, Kikapu, Kahvi, AcediaMusic and on his PleaseDoSomething as Stud and as Gultskra Artikler. When it comes to describing the music of GA people usually tend to use such phrases, as ethnic electro- avant-guard, folklore improvisation, radical Siberian avant-guard, Siberian cutup neofolk. Now you see, GA is very unusual music. As regards the “moreprodukt” (Sea-product) album – field recordings and voices here organic get along with acoustics and glitch-electronics. Enjoy this queer sound environment!

“A message of GA to a potential listeners : All compositions have been carefully prepared by Alexey Devyanin. Some samples were specially recorded by our “not-established-in-band” sound-extractor Alexey Lukin with help of Engineer_Garin. He summed the album up in the last unplanned track beforehand that was created on Engineer_Garin’s base not long before the release.

  1. gafilter (2.4M)
  2. manipulator (2.6M)
  3. zaraza proch! (3.3M)
  4. prostokvasha (5.0M)
  5. mehanik (4.0M)
  6. krasnie glotai (5.2M)
  7. proglotilaproglotila (4.7M)
  8. v korobke trubacheva (4.4M)
  9. taganski tupik (4.3M)
  10. muzei nefti i gaza (3.7M)
  11. cover

Cover design by Zavoloka