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Ballrooms of Mars Cédre

[ ns46 / mp3 ]

Ballrooms of Mars is a paris based project of Christophe Debouit and Charles Lavenac. Multi instrumentalists, cross genres listeners and occasionally groupies of their favourite bands.

They met at the greatest concert ever, Sister Iodine at Point Ephemere in december 2004. Since then, they have been much talking and recording, sampling, cutting, pasting, processing every sounds they could get of their instruments, records and friends. Came a first album named Cedre, now released on Nexsound’s mp3, which was based on long sessions of improvising, then a lot of editing. Noise guitar, piano and folk guitar along with contact micked objects and planty other instruments where arranged for a yet short album which has a wooden home made sound and sweet schizophrenic structure. Meanwhile, Ballrooms of Mars was starting to play live shows with many parisian friends (under the name of Mime S. Lalie) and were making recordings along. The album to come, King Alligator Surge, which is getting a release on Nexsound, still has the pluridisplinal/multi instruments aspect of Cedre with more electronic and computer processed sounds, sharing territories with acoustic instruments such as saxophone, ms10 and organ. The result is a combination of reflective landscapes, shuturred harsh noise themes and lyrical drones.

Christophe Debouit: folk guitar, piano, objects, bass.
Charles Lavenac: noise guitar, objects, piano, sampling, editing
Carole Reppel: voice on track7
Charles Debouit: post production