Nexsound – experimental, ambient, noise, improv record label


Zavoloka graye 18 Bereznya u klubi Prime / Kyiv (m.Kontraktova)

Remix compilation Fabelbuch is out now on Nexsound. Na Zdorovya!

Andrey Kiritchenko has new compilation appearance on japanese on-line label -N. An EP album “scatter stars” on the same label will be released during Spring.

first CD release Plavyna by Katja Zavoloka is out now on Nexsound. A new mp3 release by Tirriddiliu is out now as well. Enjoy!

new Muslimgauze releases by Staalplaat/Muslimlim in our mailorder – cheaper than anywhere else.

Kotra ta Zavoloka grayut’ 19-go lyutogo v A&T Trade magazyni / Kyiv, Skovorody 1g.
Kotra has new compilation appearance on Thrombose records.

Three new reviews of Nexsound CDs on february issue of Paris Transatlantic.
Get CDs in February for wholesale price – less than pack of cigarettes in New York!