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andrey kiritchenko live on Oct.22nd on WEF, Warsaw, Poland.

Nine & seventeen by Russian Far East project Matsutake is out now. Hope you love this musical abnormality.

The long-awaited Francisco López / Andrey Kiritchenko – Mavje CD is out now. Enjoy!

Francisco Lopez, Michael Gendreau, Jeff Surak live in A&T Trade shop (Skovorody 1g) on July 2nd.

Andrey Kiritchenko on tour in France.
June 16th – Point Ephemere/Paris
June 18th – l’embobineuse/Marseille
June 20th – Cable/Nantes
June 22st – Le Cafe/Tours

Great Ukrainian composer, multi-instrumentalist and improviser Alexander Nesterov died of cancer today. Rest in peace.