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The Moglass – Telegraph poles are getting smaller and smaller as the distance grows

Discovery! Psychedelic-experimental! Echoes of Floyd, Dome, Heldon, Fripp and Krautrock! Track #2 sounds very lysergic, like a saucered Pink Floyd lost in the visuals of the ‘bad trip party scene’ of “Un Beau Monstre”. Track #3 is the highlight of this cd: it’s a true ‘Dome’ opus, rhythmically, albeit with a guitar which plays some traditional-folky elements. Other tracks are similar but more in experimental psychedelic directions or more droney, e.g. track #5, which may take a bit too long for some. Track #4 gets lost in soundtrack horrorama a bit but has nice Frippertronics-ish moments. I suppose this cd gets recommended to fans of GYBE / Silver Mount Zion and the like, but to me, this Ukranian act is a lot more interesting, at least on record. According to the band, the album “deals with space, motion and transformation; rail; Paul Bowles books.” To me, this cd is less of interest to trainspotters than to anyone with an adventurous ear, including those of you into post-industrial psychedelia or into obscure seventies psychedelia, ranging from Dashiell Hedayat to the Organisation… Or into Otar Ioseliani or Sergei Parajanov, obviously. Do hurry if you want to get hold of this limited 500-copies-only release. (pv)

Ultra WWW Magazine

I/DEX – Seqsextend

Another delicious release on Nexsound, the Ukraine label run by Andrey Kiritchenko (cf. U0311). Vitaly Harmash from Byelorussia makes dubtech laptop electronica but he’s better at it than most artists in this genre on the verge of exhaustion. I/Dex has got that indefinable ‘soul’ quotient and knows how to rise above the genre’s traps. As the album progresses towards its highlights “.doc” (droney), “Ciq” (whispulsating) & “Recor” (groovy), one realises that even if some of these tracks sound a bit deja vu, they’re very delightful all the same. But the journey is well-planned: further down the album’s road, “E_caps” (fabulously ominous – a weird machine pulsing rhythms over at the Hammer House of Horror), “Scaleine” (reminiscent of the Irresistible Force at his best, around ’92-’93, but richer and more oceanic) and “Eunete” (slightly remniniscent of …EU) convincingly add new textures. “Comm” is less original but beautiful as well, once again a la EU. “Seqsextend” isn’t Harmash’s debut, but he’s a fine discovery after all. (pv)