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Zavoloka – Plavyna

Zavoloka’s album is the most accessible release I’ve received yet from Ukrainian label Nexsound. This is bleepy, glitchy IDM, taking cues from Autechre and Aphex Twin, but really of its own unique style. Rhythms are often subtle – even suggested – but even in its most free-flowing and abstract moments, there is a sense of order and organization here. I really enjoy the experience that Zavoloka has created with these ten tracks, as this seems to have found a perfect balance between IDM and experimental electronic music. Melody is the one fleeting ingredient here – Zavoloka seems more content to work on atmospherics and complex compositional architecture – but with that said, there is still enough tunefulness to keep an open-minded ear entertained. Favourite moments include the warped woodwinds on “Teche Voda Ledo” and the dense melodies and rhythms of “Rankova.” This is perfect listening for a detached, sleepless 4am winter night.
Matt Shimmer


Zavoloka – Plavyna

i have to admit that at first, kateryna zavoloka’s very nice artist-pix caught my attention. i think it’s a cool thing that electronica-people frequently come out of their anonymous laptop-existence, especially if their music is as individual and stunning as zavoloka’s. on her website, you can read about the strong influence of folkmusic on her sound. everytime i play her records, i get the impression of listening to something like cut out of wood, and besides the fact she uses flutes and russian singing, this feeling of being handmade seems to proove her statements. every scattered sound-event bears a tonal weight and is wrapped in analog reverb. zavoloka manages to construct melodies and rhythms out of a storm of single particles: her songs usually start confusing, developing slowly to reach their climax when everything comes together in beauty. i can’t think of a good comparsion, maybe the bizarre plant-music of leafcutter john works out. on a more principial level, zavoloka seems to be the bèla bartòk of contemporary electronica. note: you should order her latest album playna (CD) at the nexsound-shop. it’s even better and beautyfully packed! you can also get an expanded version of the suspenzia-album (CD) if you’re really found of it (nice package, like always).

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