Nexsound – experimental, ambient, noise, improv record label



Perlonex/Keith Rowe/Charlemage Palestine – Tensions

Three in-the-moment improvisations explore the variegated textures available from strings and percussion, aided and abetted by electronics. Connective tissue between the two discs is British table-top guitarist Keith Rowe, former and perhaps future member of AMM, who has been involved in this sot of non-idiomatic improvisation for almost four decades.

Each disc features him in a different, virtually hypnotic sound situation. Squire is a nearly 43-minute almost constant basso ostinato-shaped meeting between Rowe and one of his younger acolytes, Australian guitarist Oren Ambarchi. Although sonically similar, additional timbres on Tensions add another layer of interpretation to the electro-acoustic mixture.

Recorded live in Berlin, the double Nexsound CD celebrates the fifth anniversary of Perlonex, a German trio made up of Jörg Maria Zeger on guitars, percussionist Burkhard Beins and Ignaz Schick on turntables, objects and live electronics. The sound of the first of the two CDs, which adds Rowe to the existing trio, is notable as slightly inflated version of the table-top guitarist