Nexsound – experimental, ambient, noise, improv record label



I/DEX – Seqsextend

After multiple listens I can honestly say that this release is just as thrilling as the first time I plugged it in. Ukrainian label Nexsound continues growing new projects that are far from the mainstream (Muslimgauze, Andreas Berthling, Kim Cascone). Vitaly Harmash is I/Dex, who has been actively recording since 1997. It is a multitextural ambient chill session that bends fluidly and seems somewhat unscripted. If you like early work on labels like 12K, Meme or Digital Narcissus this will be your feast. Provocative atmosphere, induced by hushed harmonies and raspy percussion. This is quiet music meant to be played loud to robustly enhance its subtleties. – TJ Norris


Andrey Kiritchenko – True Delusion

“Scope of My Perception” is a very pretty intro of off-centered guitar strings that just dance in a pale light. True Delusion is contemporary folk music that uses the guise of noise and various samples that include feedback and the openness of a room capped by a chaotic open mic that wanders, gets dragged and plays with the Polaroid quality of field recordings. The crickets, digging in the dirt and other activities are rigorously tended to as Kiritchenko strums his strings on “Both My Sides.” The piano on “Illusion of Safety” is not as threatening as it is quite lovely. Tells a story of quiet patience, anticipation. The story changes to something of a spiral staircase snow-globe of lost control in the startling “Illusory Self-Motion” that is just raw, unrefined and sudden. ‘True Delusion’ winds down with delicate, repetitive melodies that toy with a far more sleepy side of this album. “Agravic Illusion” is the static foam produced by the last lapping waves of Summer. Low tide drifts away, in it the memories of all this play.
TJ Norris