Nexsound – experimental, ambient, noise, improv record label



Kotra – Dissilient

Larry: They are making the feedback feedback on teh feedback. This may be considered art…
Darrel: random squawks fcompiled for the sole purpose of destroying critics’ ears. No one will buy it.
Daryl: Obviously the product of secret Soviet medical experiments.
Dick: Look at the cool stamps from the Ukraine!


I/DEX – Seqsextend

Larry: Byelorussian electronic soundscapes. Downbeat, offbeat, arhythmic, textural, fascinating, low, chimy, interesting, a bit loungy.
Darrel: The least amount of noise you can make and legally call it music.
Daryl: Very laid back, sedate, ultra techno lounge.
Dick: Remember the center groove on vinyl? This uses that for the rhythm tracks. It’s cool.