Nexsound – experimental, ambient, noise, improv record label



v/a – Fourfold Symmetry

This is release between kim cascone, andrey kiritchenko, andreas bethling and kotra. And despite it is release between four artists it is not simple split release but something more creative. It is like back to back release in composing. Every artist supplies source of sounds that other artist use it for composing the tracks. So, when kiritchenko supplies source sounds cascone composes the track, when cascone supplies source sounds kiritchenko composes. Sources are from kotra, track is from berthling, sources are from berthling, track is from kotra… etc… in every possible combination. Sound of this fourfold symmetry is quiet symmetric. It is microsoundish, sinewaveish combination with micronoisy parts, microglitchy texturised, a combination that this artists are usually combining in their real projects. Really pleasant and calm sound. Of course kim cascone is more microsound oriented as like on his releases for mille plateaux and kotra more noisy like on nexound releases. Kiritchenko is maybe a little bit different as u know him from his latest autoplate release, but from other side berthling sounds like his mitek side. Of course everything is symmetric and equal here so there is no need to be concerned about the sound. Everything perfectly fits into contemporary idea of experimental music.