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Bluermutt – Decivilize after consumption

Some time ago Nexsound have added PQP to their sublabel routine which marked the leave from the harsh and extreme noise experimental side and the introduction of what might be called pop in the overall context of Nexsound. This release by Bluermutt marks a sort of slight return or rather connectivity to the dynamics and chaos of earlier times, but not in extremity or harshness of sound. Mostly probably just because Bluermutt is not song-structured, but track-structured. On the other hand, disturbing dynamics, weird collections and juxtapositions of sounds and structures and a shifting of expectations has been a basic framework for Bluermutt on older releases as well, and within the roster of nexsound the Italian one man multiple helpers project has been the softest but in no way tamest artist.


Bluermutt – Decivilize after consumption

Bluermutt ha venticinque anni, vive a Barcellona, ed è la nuova uscita della Nexsound: arrivata alla numero quattro, l’etichetta di Andrei Kritchenko ha fatto uscire il suo disco migliore, sempre orientato verso una via interessante da far percorrere all’elettronica nella direzione del pop. Figlio del suo tempo, questo disco propone una miscela di quello che è da qualche anno il suono della generazione più “cool” e giovane della computer music, o meglio della laptop music. Non che brilli assolutamente in originalità, ma questo Decivilize After Consumption è un disco gradevole e riuscito nel complesso: il tutto a base di blips, glitch, indietronica, qualche voce e tutte la caratteristiche di un suono che ricorda molto le prime uscite della Plug Research e le cose più elettroniche e giocattolose della Ache. Al di là dell’ottima fattura del disco, resta sempre il fatto che, anche usando i tools “giusti” e i suoni “attuali”, se ci si muove bene si può imbastire qualcosa di valido, ma c’è sempre il grande rischio di restare confusi nel mucchio, dato che la diffusione di hardware e software “azzeccati” è davvero ampia. Insomma, Bluermutt ha studiato, si è applicato, ma al prossimo giro gli servirà qualcosa in più per strappare la sufficenza…


Bluermutt – Decivilize after consumption

Decivilize After Consumption brings on more melodic electronic quirkiness from fine Ukrainian imprint Nexsound’s PQP series. Andrey Kiritchenko and his unique label have been carving out an intriguing niche for themselves on the electronic scene, and Bluermutt’s avant-mess of techno, electro-pop, and post-rock is a fine addition to the ongoing story. This record is an elaborate and melodic journey with several highlights. Opener “Welcome to a Bluer Blue Sky” is a whimsical yet foot-moving romp, while the absolute top of the tops on this disc is the one-two punch of cranial post-rock/electro gem “Fukikin’ Jimmy from Here” and brooding soundscape “Jimmy Coda.” The rest of the disc has its share of highs (Plone-esque “Before Going to Bed,” urgent finale “More About Him Later”) and lows (bland “Old School Lesbians vs. the 21st Century,” irritating “Metallic Concepts for D and M”), and even a Family Guy sample, but the overall impression is certainly a positive one. Keep Bluermutt in mind.


Bluermutt – Decivilize after consumption

Andrey Kiritchenko hat sich seiner Leidenscahft für Pop verschrieben und hier ein weiteres knisternd-crunchiges, gut goutierbares Produkt auf den Markt geworfen. bluermutt, wohl aus Spanien, spielen HipHop beinflußte Electronica, mit knackiger Produktion un schön kaputten Beats, ohne dass diese nerven. Verdammt nah am Morr Music Soudn von vor fünf Jahren

Musique Machine

Bluermutt – Decivilize after consumption

The musical entity peculiarly named Bluermutt (a word suggested by eBay) creates, like the infamous Perrey & Kingsley, quite catchy pop through ‘avant garde’ means.

Not that the guy from Barcelona goes as much overboard as that colourful couple. Not in the sense of painstakingly cutting tapes, which has become a lot easier with the arrival of computers and not in the sense of the almost sickening happy-happy-joy-joy coming from that ‘in sound from way out’. That said, Bluermutt does make popsongs that are upbeat and uplifting while incorporating a lot of harddisc editing. Pretty much every sound that’s recorded on his harddisc has been tampered with. There’s a hint of Richard D. James album as well, in its naivet

Luna Kafe

Bluermutt – Decivilize after consumption

It’s always exciting to receive discs from the elegant and eclectic Nexsound label. Striking design and cover art, neat digipaks, and with a content always stretching out to be – if not always succeeding they’re at least doing quite well trying – innovative and forward stuff.

Bluermutt popped up out of our P.O. box and a joyful spectacle it is. Decivilize after consumption is an explosive and playful collection of songs. Bubbling, bursting hypnobeats, fine samples of voices & sounds and cool cut’n’paste techniques, colourful collages with humour and wit: Bluermutt describes his (their) music as “scrambled humans singing and dancing”. He also says about himself: “…is 25 but looks like 13, maybe 15 with beard.” And: “…doesn’t make art, just assembles sounds together till he’s satisfied.” A laugh and serious business.

Bluermutt (I don’t know his name, he’s also one half of Mickey Eats Plastic) lives in Barcelona, Spain, and seems to be a European traveller. In fact the whole Bluermutt project looks like a worldwide project including: Lucz (Roma, Italy – the other half of Mickey Eats Plastic), Fredo Viola (New York, NY), Steph Thirion (Barcelona, Spain), Dorian Concept (Vienna, Austria) and Nils Christian Fossdal (Norway). Some of Bluermutt’s listed sources of inspiration are: Matmos, Neptunes, Busta Rhymes, Fugees, Justine Timberlake, Radiohead, Karate, Basement Jaxx, Timbaland, Mouse on Mars, Mos def. Quite a mix, with some being more obvious than others. Bluermutt had success with his first record, When I’m Not. I’d better check it out. Until then I’ll have plenty of entertaining moments with Decivilize after consumption. It somehow makes me think of a wilder Cornelius, and also the French surprise a couple of years back in time, Cagesan.

Finally, just to underline the humour included yet again, Bluermutt’s got some cool and fascinating song titles – often a story on their own: “Welcome to a Bluer Blue Sky”, “Old School Lesbians vs. the 21st Century”, “Fuckin’ Jimmy from here”, “Metallic Concepts for D and M”, “The Diapason’s Uncertainties”. Get it? This is ‘city music’: it should be coming out of your headset while going by bus, by tram or the tube. Dig in and dig!



Bluermutt – Decivilize after consumption

The person behind Bluermutt is from Barcelona, but also lives in Amsterdam, and he is part of Mickey Eats Plastic and sometimes works as Crashbonsai. He likes creating music using computers. That is perhaps the thing that I learned from his website. He has a bunch of free tracks on Nexsound, who now release a CD of his work. I must admit I played this CD twice in a row. Not because I thought it was so great, but rather because it was early morning. I was getting up, looked at the ‘today’s pile of Vital Weekly’, and I scanned this briefly before, so it seemed like an appropriate thing to hear, starting the day. The bass I cut down a bit, but the eleven tracks rolled on, with IDM styled rhythms, glitchy sounds, female vocalists, guitars. I picked up the newspaper, ate a bit, drank some coffee, and then this was over. Damn. I think I didn’t get it quite right. So I played it again, made more coffee, finished the newspaper, checked e-mail. Its seems over again. Twice in a row, didn’t notice it that well, but on a third, more concentrating listening (making notes now), I thought it was quite a nice, if not ordinary release of home listening rhythmic music. Not great, not bad, positively in the way it uses various guestplayers, especially the various vocal bits. Certainly a great way of starting the day anyway.