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I/DEX – Seqsextend

i/dex’s seqsextend is rather a lovely piece of work whose thirteen tracks are composed of predominantly muted, somnambulent tones. this music could be your progress registered in the rustle of leaves, big shoals of them, in autumn-time. it could be the sound of blood pumping round arteries or the chimes of viral detection systems in unspecified locations. there’s a techno feel to these tracks, but the kind of techno that doesn’t stomp around the room, but instead settles upon the furniture like flakes of snow, gradually accumulating until familiar objects become unrecognisable, almost nonexistent and melded to their surroundings. seqsextend is the gradual accumulation of calcium in your kettle, the myriad deposits gathering into little stone-like hardnesses, furring up the element and causing pale flecks to float in your preferred beverage. seqsextend is the static that gradually builds up until there’s enough latent electricity to power a lightbulb, it might be a dim light but it’s enough to illuminate your room and its yellowness might just give you the illusion of warmth. reviewed by colin buttimer