Nexsound – experimental, ambient, noise, improv record label

I / DEX Seqsextend

[ ns18 / CD ]

I/DEX, the musician from Belarus, creates the most pleasing audio environment for you to exist in while you walk down city streets, ride buses, do chores. This music is perfect both for home and work. I/DEX puts rose-colored spectacles on you, and you begin to see the world that surrounds you as much more beautiful and romantic. Set a musical ring tone for your cellphone and ask your friends to call you while you ride bus or train to work, invite fellows to join you when you listen to this music in
your car, turn the volume up! I/DEX music is for people!

  2. OXID
  3. RAND
  4. .DOC
  5. CIQ
  6. RECOR
  7. EVOX
  8. QSYCH
  9. E_CAPS
  11. EUNET
  12. COMM