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Kotra and Andrey Kiritchenko will perform at No Concept (Stralsund / Germany) on July 31th(AK) and August 3th(Kotra).

The Moglass & Andrey Kiritchenko collaboration album out now online on Autoplate. If there is a wish to get this in cd audio quality please get it in the mailorder.

Nexsound glad to present second edition of Polyvox Populi compilation, this time in mpeg layer 3 format free for downloading and fulfilled with IDM, microsound, experimental, post-rock music from ex-USSR countries. This includes famous EU (Eloshnye Igruski), Klutch and Tenzor from Cheburec records, Novel23 and Ambidextrous from Shaped Harmonics, Uni from Kohvi, Oloolo and Elpa from Kolka, Brompton’s Cocktail from Fulldozer, Peel of the Bass from Quasipop records and of course Kotra, the Moglass, Alphonse de Montfroyd, Infra Red Army and Andrey Kiritchenko from Nexsound. These artists release their CDs on Pause_2, Lo rec, Delikatessen, Neo Ouija, Merck, Pitchcadet, BiP_HOp, Ad Noiseam, DTA and many others. .
Also Nexsound mailorder has some new additions: Nihil Est eXcellence – Viz Milieu – CD – DTA records – $8 – side project of Andrey Kiritchenko
v/a – Total Time – 2 CD – NN records – $10 – featuring boxhead, Critikal, Porch Nap, Id Molotov, Spies Boys, Dark, Vies/Kapus, Kotra, Theodor Bastard, Dog 5, 412, Fitz Ellarald, Andrey Kiritchenko, Idioritmik, Brzb, Mr.Z, God Fans, Denshi, dj Kolombo
v/a – iDeal Electronics – $8 – contemporary electronic music from Sweden – CD – iDeal – featuring Marcus Wrango, CPU, Normal Music, Mokira, Claudia Bonarelli, Son of Clay/Figurera, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, and many more.
Nexsound t-shirts to be available soon.

New release by ukrainian trio the Moglass is out now ! Enjoy.

New mp3 release by ukrainian project Infra Red Army is out now ! Enjoy.

broken leg and war in Iraq ruined the mood of doing music business…however expect three new releases soon: Infra Red Army – Black Body mp3 ep, v/a Polyvox Populi mp3 release, and the Moglass – Telegraph Poles CD – this one is on the plant now. Also there is a new cd in the mailorder by russian IDM project Ambidextrous released by Shaped Harmonics.

old mp3 ep of Andrey Kiritchenko called “chip” restored at TILN label, hacked by somebody last year.