Nexsound – experimental, ambient, noise, improv record label

Alphonse de Montfroyd silence

[ ns03/adn9 / 3"cdr ]

This release was made using no-input vocoder.

Alphonse de Montfroyd (Alexei Pilipenko) is a musician from Kharkiv/Ukraine, and “Silence” is his first release. This 3″ CDR is a co-production with German Ad Noiseam label. This disc contains five untitled tracks of drones, dark ambiences, strange sonorities and texture. It would be easy to speak of exotism here, but it would also be accurate. The ingredients used by this artist for his music are not what you get from Western Europe or America. Very “electric”, pulsating and at the same time raw and subtle, “Silence” a very nice moment, that will trigger some new muscles in new ears, and will definitely stay in your memory as something that sounds like nothing else. Far from the actual silence, the 5 instrumental tracks on this 3″ CDR are compact works with oscillations, drones and loops, staying atmospheric but with rich and interesting textures. Expect something fresh and obscure from a young but promising artist.

track list:

Silence01 [03:30]
Silence02 [04:57]
Silence03 [01:25]
Silence04 [05:44]
Silence05 [04:53]
tt: 20:43


  • “silence” – ad noiseam/nexsound
  • v/a – “polyvox populi” – nexsound/sale
    (track – “das boot kursk”)
  • v/a – “devastation” – evasto-media (track
    “der diesel”)
  • “defect analysts” with NEX – nexsound (tracks purple shell,
    japan night bomber, le dialogue digital)
  • v/a – “polyvox populi 2” – nexsound
    (remix of “sinchronocity/seriality” by the Moglass)