Nexsound – experimental, ambient, noise, improv record label


Andrey Kiritchenko True Delusion

[ ns30 / CD ]

recycled cardboard
Minimalist harmonic overtones made with acoustic guitar; slow, melodic and minimalist sound of piano; recordings of rural nature sounds; digital treatment and concrete noise;
co-release with Spekk / KK006
edition of 800 by SPEKK, edition of 500 by Nexsound

Muslimgauze Vote Hezbollah

[ ns26 / CD ]

re-issue in edition of 509 copies including track #13 that wasn't released back in 1993 on original Soleilmoon CD due to technology limitations.

v/a Rural Psychogeography

[ ns20 / CD ]

recycled cardboard Compilation of environmental music by geoff dugan, francisco lopez, courtis (of Reynols), jason kahn, andrey kiritchenko, tomas korber / gunter muller, lunt, the moglass, radian, tom carter (of Charalambides) & vanessa arn, martin tetreault, rosy parlane, steinbruchel, kim cascone, kotra, kouhei & freiband

I / DEX Seqsextend

[ ns18 / CD ]

a mellow music of microsound/idm/ambient/techno from Belarus
edition of 500

the Moglass Telegraph poles are getting smaller and smaller as the distance grows

[ ns12 / CD ]

This is a new record by The Moglass: guitar/bass/electronics trio from Ukraine. Deals with space, motion and transformation, rail and Paul Bowles books.

the Moglass Kogda vse zveri zhili kak dobrye sosedi

[ ns06 / CDr ]

improvised drone music
edition of 100

v/a Fourfold Symmetry

[ ns08 / CD ]

The album is based upon the very questionable in itself creative concept of co-authorship, which is implemented through the sound exchange via regular and electronic mail: musicians play with each other’s samples striving to carve out the new unpredictable sounding. This music is interesting by its nature: despite the initial sources similarity the outcome is always highly individual and bears the personal impress of each musician in each track.

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