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Andrey Kiritchenko makes a soundtrack for a sculture (art object) by US based artist Dzine for the 52nd International Art Exhibition in Venice which will open to the public on June 7-10. The art-object is a lowrider bicycle.

Kiritchenko will make a DJ set with Ukrainian contemporary electronic and traditional folk music on the exhibition opening inside of another sculpture – a boat that will reflect the classic lowrider feel set in contemporary color tones of blue, yellow and gold.

The boat has four LCD monitors where three or four videos are playing: The first one is a video work by Ukrainian video artist Shijan where he has. The second one is interviews of several Ukrainians telling “What is their envision of the future of Ukraine?” shooted by Ukrainian video artist E3 project. And third one is an edited documentary film by Paul Tremblay about orange revolution.
The project curate by PinchukFund.