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Andrey Kiritchenko – True Delusion

Andrey Kiritchenko is, well, people who read this site regularly will know what I think of him. A very talented artist from the Ukraine. He can switch genres easily and still bring us the highest quality we could expect from anyone. Never does he release a boring piece of music.

True Delusion doesn’t differ in the least. From the moment you receive it, you’ll be fascinated. The design, which was made using razor scratching techniques by Olga Indovina, is just awesome. And then you haven’t even listened to Andrey’s music yet.

For this album, Andrey has taken on the more ambient, post-rock style of music instead of the glitchy stuff he does. I must add that I prefer the glitchy stuff, but as I said before it doesn’t really matter which style of music he comes with, it’ll sound good anyway. It’s impossible to not be fascinated by the sounds that Andrey Kiritchenko is able to produce, alter, tweak, bleep, etc. Just plain great work.

I am very grateful that Andrey releases his own stuff as well on his label, next to all the music from other talented artists. I wouldn’t want to have missed this.